New Optimist menswear Spiaggia T-shirt


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By paying statiegeld (deposit) of €2,50, €5- or €7,50 which will be refunded at the end of use, you ensure that this item becomes 100% circular and not end up as textile waste. When you add this item to your cart, the statiegeld will automatically be charged.


The ultimate everyday men’s t-shirt. Tailored to perfection with a relaxed fit and dropped shoulder. Crafted from the finest organic and recycled cotton blend, which is garment dyed after stitching. To keep the design circular, we used water based ink for the print, which features our motto for this season, "who cares dares", in a barcode-inspired way. Bound to keep you in style for years to come. Join our movement.

- Designed for circularity
- Hand-cut and sewn in Amsterdam
- Lifetime repair service

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