Our label is part of a circular commitment

Our label is part of a circular commitment
Our spring summer collection will come with brand new labeling.
As you know, almost every choice we make fits our circular commitment. Not always easy. To make sure a garment is recyclable, you need to even think about a small detail like the material of a label.
From day one we printed our labels on a 100% organic cotton instead of polyester. To improve the look and feel we had in mind we had the strong wish to go for a woven label this time. Challenging. Most woven labels are polyester based, and not an option.
But our search got rewarded in Italy, where we found an old fashioned needle loom. The choice of working with this traditional technique gave us exactly what we were looking for.
The true unique character of the new design lies in the material itself. This label is 100% organic cotton and the warp and weft show the imperfections of this beautiful technique. Look at it, the selvedges of the labels give it a unique character too :).

We always love to bring back the joy of making, so it only made perfect sense to sign off our garments with this specific choice of label.

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