True colors

True colors

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, a transformative journey is taking place at New Optimist, one that moves from industrial dyeing to the intimate touch of a hand-dyed exclusive collection using natural dyes. This shift is not merely a change in technique; it's a profound statement about our values, our commitment to sustainability, and our mission to bring back the joy of making.

YES True Colors:
This limited and exclusive collection marks a significant departure from industrial methods, embracing the ancient art of natural dyeing. This technique, rooted in tradition and respect for nature, uses dyes extracted from plants, minerals, and other natural sources. We choose the vibrant indigo extracted from the leaves of the indigo plant to soft pinks from the roots of the Madder plant. Each dye bath is carefully crafted by Roua using time-honored techniques. Witness how NO two garments are exactly same, as variations in plant materials and dyeing methods ensure that each piece is truly unique.

Moving from Niche to Standard:
Traditionally, textile dyeing has been dominated by industrial methods designed for mass production. These processes, while efficient and cost-effective, often rely on synthetic dyes that can be harmful to the environment. The use of these chemicals in large-scale dyeing facilities has raised concerns over water pollution, ecosystem damage, and the overall carbon footprint of the fashion industry. While sustainable color and paint options are still niche products, there is increasing momentum towards mainstream adoption.
We dream of the moment that barriers such as cost, scalability, and technical limitations will be overcome and sustainable color and paint solutions accessible and affordable on a larger scale.
Nevertheless, while this important shift ís happening (oh yes!), we are extreme happy with coloring as bright as possible outside the box in the meantime. And who else can be our partner in crime in on this journey than Roua AlHalabi, founder of Roua Ateliers.

Roua Ateliers
Roua AlHAlabi is a natural dye en technique expert, and an amazing artist, who excels in this ancient dye method as no other.
She learnt us all about the natural dyes and how they imbue the fabric with rich, vibrant hues which could never be measured with synthetic alternatives.
Our True colors collab is born on the basis of identical principles, and we are thankful of learning so much of this amazing artist.

It's clear that this journey is more than a shift in production methods; it's a bold statement about the future we envision for fashion.
We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

Unisex, designed for circularity and hand-cut, sewn and dyed in Amsterdam. 

A panel of industry experts will discuss: How sustainable textile dyeing can move from niche to norm.

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