When I start designing a new collection I am always choosing messages that deeply resonate with our brand and especially with the optimists whom our brand represents – people like you and me. 
Lately I have been thinking about what is the true propellor for big changes in life. What truly matters is the deep care we have about a person, a matter, a cause that pushes us to gather the necessary courage to take action and pursue what truly is important.
Too often in the past I cared too much and dared too little, too often I sat in my comfort zone. 

WHO CARES DARES is a reminder to all optimists who do care to also dare, to step out of our comfort zones, to embrace the fear of the unknown, to challenge the status quo, to approach life's challenges with resilience and hope. 
It is not an easy choice to take front row seats to change, but I promise it will lead to the most rewarding experiences. Your determination will reveal how much you are capable to achieve and how can make a lasting impact on the world. 

By daring we open ourselves up to exciting new possibilities. So let's embrace the courage to match our care, to dare greatly. Let's create a life where we are not only deeply invested, but also actively chase and conquer challenges. Let's cultivate an optimistic outlook that allows us to approach life with positivity and confidence. 

Here's to caring and daring in equal measure! cheers - ciao!

Giulia Verona
Designer New Optimist

The WHO CARES DARES collection is dropping next week.
Stay tuned, and have a sneak peak here

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